Who has been to class this week?  Who has swallowed half their body weight in midges?  Meeeeeee......and everyone else I have spoken to!  Summer is a joy as we all know and yet as soon as the 'warm' weather (humour me here!) finally hits us, the smell of 'Skin So Soft' is pungent and reassuring.  In Scotland midges are a part of what our summer is all about....along with warmer rain than winter rain, always having a brolly just in case, and talking about the nights fair drawing in.  Graham and I were talking about the nutritional benefits of the midge as I suspect that after tonight I will never have to choke down a protein bar again........if any medical OFers have anything to contribute, I would love to hear it.  In the meantime I will continue to bathe in the glorious rep-supplied smelly stuff and have faith that fellow Outsiders will run through the midge clouds with me....woooooooooh hoooooooo! 

21/4/2019 12:16:27 am

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