As some of you may know it is along held OF tradition to get the old Newsletter to as many exotic places as possible. We have had photos from OFers all over the world including Tokyo, Dubai, New York and even Arran....is there nowhere we cannae go?
Many thanks to Mark and Lucy who took time out of their romantic trip to Venice to get this photograph taken.  I am wondering whether Mark was taking this photo or whether there was a long and complicated explanation to someone who had no idea what they were talking about.  I can hear it now...."OK we do this exercise class...in the parks of Glasgow....and yes, this is the Dr Love tribute editon....and yes, she is a real Doctor...no, not of love...if you could just take the photo grazie!"
So thanks folks...and for anyone else going on holiday while we have mourned the passing of the old Newsletter, we would love to see pictures of your holidays...we can print off a copy of the NL for you to take with you (Dr Love tribute copy on special request only :-)) or even wear one of Graham's bibs....but dont forget to bring it back!
A few of us are heading off this weekend for a week of drinking..ahem......I mean cycling our way around Lake Constance....and we will of course remember our OF pledge to get suitably embarrassing photos...but it would be great to see some new faces in the photos and we at OFHQ love a good holiday story!  So until next time....Bon Voyage!

I realise that for many of you the timing of this post will be all wrong, given the fact that most kids return to school next week after the 'summer' break (I use that term loosely) and the parents of Scotland breathe a huge sigh of relief!
However, it is always worth remembering that no one is too young to start joining in some OF activities and kids are welcome at classes.  Who know what sort of a hero could be lurking under those hoodies and  converse boots?  As we all know, the atmosphere at class is one of calming agony and who would not want to share that with the wee ones...?
I must however, clarify that OF is not a creche and Graham and OF cannot take responsibility for our budding Olympians. 
So there goes another excuse for not making it to class: babysitting or parenting, let's spread the lactic acid around!

Welcome to the brand new Outside Fitness website!  No one is more excited than me, the CHIEF Ed that I can share my thoughts and musings with my fellow OFers....
While the Newsletter served us well in getting information out to everyone, we at OFHQ felt it was time we freshened things up.  As classes have grown in numbers both in the Southside and the West End, it has become difficult keep a track of some the amazing accomplishments you wonderful people are acheiving!  If you are running a 10K (or shuffling a la CHIEF Ed ....there's a reason I do the writing you know!) or raising money for charity or if you just fancy getting a few people together for a hillwalk, a cycle or heaven forbid..a beer then why not use ths platform to reach out to fellow minded crazies?
Also, anyone who has photos of OFers then send them in - if you are doing an event or remembered to take your Newsletter on holiday then pop the photo through cyber post to us.  I do have a couple of photos to upload but I am still getting to grips with the new set up so please be patient....also as the Newsletter in the old format disappears into the horizon, how else can you personalise that whole OF holiday experience?  (or humiliate yourself on holiday depending on how you look at it)....perhaps pack a bib with you and wear it while climbing everest, taming wild horses in the Grand Canyon....or lying on a beach in Ibiza..we really appreciate your input as not only does it mean we can laugh at you but it also ensures we have plenty of ideas and photos for the OF Grahammy Awards come Christmas.  I, and the other members of the Christmas Commttiee are determind to start working on the presentation earlier than ever this year and give ourselves more than 48 hours to sort it out.....so please, give generously..
Once I am sure this has worked I will be jotting down a few words here and there....and I am sure it will all go swimmingly!
I hope to see you all at a class soon.....bring your 'A game'! 
Now, where is the 'publish' button?