We all have them don't we?  I know I do....horrible day at work, the start of a cold, it's raining and it is that REALLY wet rain...

Well, shame on us all I guess, as illustrated by this great photo from a class last week (and before anyone pulls me up...it is true, I never made this class....y'see, I had this REALLY horrible day at work...you wouldn't understand...).  

Liza is due to have a baby at the start of October yet has attended class faithfully throughout her pregnancy.  Graham has been able to adapt her workouts accordingly and while she is gutted at not being able to run for long distances at the moment (yeah right!), it means that she is keeping a level of activity going which benefits both her and the baby.

As for Calum, he has recently returned to class after a major surgery which has seen him out of action for some time.  Previously a Green bib, Calum did not adapt well to immobility and was back as soon as he could stop his intestines from falling out of the wound (too much??? Oh well...)  Again, Graham was able to ensure that the exercise was started at a level which was safe and suitable and will no doubt ensure that Calum will be back and shouting at the Greens about their form and speed....lucky Greens eh?? :-)

So...have a think...what is your excuse?

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