I was recently thinking about how the news of Pope Benedict’s resignation was received by the world.  It was a surprise to many and questions hung in the air either spoken or otherwise.  Even the most secular amongst us found ourselves discussing it and wondering about the ‘why and what’ of the situation.

It made me think about how news and messages are communicated, whether it be this high profile resignation or the message he has spent his life delivering.  Everyone has a message they think is important and how that is expressed can affect the way people decide to embrace it.

I think we can safely say that as OF’ers, we are evangelistically fervent when it comes to telling others about our classes.  We don’t really understand why you would not want to be a part of it.  I know many a person who has turned up because they have been made to feel that they are truly missing out on something....which of course they are!  It is a testament to the work Graham and Mark do to make sure that not only do we all get a varied and demanding workout, but that we all feel part of a team, a social gathering...we might whinge about the wind and the rain; we may compare strains and scrapes like war wounds (when really they are badges of honour).   However, we all know that the classes are a huge part of our lives and we get a wee bit jittery when we can’t make it.  I think we also know that the benefits transcend the improving fitness levels and the increased mileage.  Deep down it is about leaving the house with a stress headache and a frown...then getting home an hour later with sore legs, wheezy lungs, a muddy face and a whole new and positive attitude to what lies ahead. 

Amen to that!

4/7/2014 08:41:29 pm

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