Well fellow OF'ers the great day beckons and it is going to be immense!  Saturday the 15th is going to be the best day of the Christmas period......the 16th may not seem quite so good and for the older OF'ers amongst us even the 17th may be a bit of a struggle.....but the 15th is going to be AWESOME so let's focus on that for the time being!

Start your Christmas festivities with the world famous Santa Hat Saturday this weekend.  Class will be on at 10am in Queens Park as usual but we need you to come along and bring some festive cheer to proceedings.  Wear a Santa hat....Christmas outfit or anything festive....we have had our fair share of interesting Christmas outfits in the past: elves, The Snowman, Mrs Claus.....and last year the lovely Louise dressed up as......hmmmmm....how shall I put it....'alternative' Santa!

Then home to recover and get your glad rags on for the best Christmas night out of the year...every year...the OF Christmas Party.  This year it will be from about 7pm at Clydesdale Cricket Club in the Soutside and for the price of £15, you will get a great night out, some high quality food, reasonable bar prices and the award ceremony the Oscars wishes it could be....The Grahammies.  The committee has been working really hard to put together a fun presentation and the worthy shall be awarded.....get your money in by Thursday to secure your place. 

I personally am looking forward to some humiliating photos and great stories.....why would this year be any different? :-)

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