Newsflash.....we are creatures of habit!  I do not care how impetuous, spontaneous and exciting you think you are...this fact is true.  You may holiday in the most exciting places (a different place every year...OBV!), you may thumb your nose at a chippy and order your Chinese food in fluent Mandarin...but I don't care what you tell me...we love our wee comforts.
I think this includes where we all OF.  Now, let me first declare myself to be a Southsider...and a proud Southsider at that.  As such I tend to go to the Bellahouston classes and Queens Park on a Saturday, hangover dependent bien sur (see...I travel too :-))  Tonight, for various reasons, I went to Kelvingrove and I LOVED it!  It was a different park, different faces, a different workout (OMG those HILLS!) but it gave me a new impetus to move between the parks more often as there are so many people who go to OF we have not yet met.  As we OFers are somewhat fabulous people...we are all missing out...on each other!  Whit?  I know travelling can be a problem but if you can, why not see what the other side of the city has to offer....you wont be disappointed, except in the realisation that West End pain hurts just as much as Southside pain....yaaaaaas!!

John Finch
21/5/2013 06:18:52 am

What a delight to see you at the mighty KGrove, Tuesdays & Thursdays evenings (& Friday mornings) are always a delight, come on in, the hills are lovely and warm

21/5/2013 07:16:56 pm

Yes the hills are definitely something John...KGrove was where I started my training while back and it was great to be back in such beautiful surroundings....and to know that Graham has no favourites when it comes to dishing out the orders :-) We all suffer the same.......


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