I went to the Saturday Class for the first time a while last week and what struck me was this:  it is not so much a 'class' as it is about 10 different Personal Training sessions!  I think many of us would love the luxury of our own personal trainer but OF is without a doubt the closest thing you can get without paying the extra money.  On Saturday we had runners, weight trainers, stretchers, babies, pregnant trainers, new parents and our Shona providing an unofficial baby-conforting service!  Now, you would never get such an option at a 'proper' gym.  Not only was everyone working hard but getting whatever workout they actually needed...and having a great laugh while they were sweating!  It takes away another reason not to go to class as Graham and Mark will make sure that every class fits the needs of each person....and if that is not personal training then I do not know what is!  Each group was kept busy and challenged for the class and it is a testament to our trainers who take the time to talk to us as individuals and find out our weaknesses, injuries and sometimes just our moods....there are a million things that can affect your workout so speak up and they will ensure that whatever your situation you will get the training that is right for you!  Not so much service with a smile but service with a slagging off.....some sweat.....and a right good laugh....:-)

Lynn Lowey
14/8/2013 06:32:32 pm

Couldn't agree more! Every exercise tailored for the individual ability to get the desired result! And you get a laugh to take your mind off the pain!!😁

15/8/2013 04:29:43 am

I absolutely agree. I've had my fair share of weaknesses, injuries and moods!! All of which have been expertly catered for

15/8/2013 07:51:51 am

Thanks for your comments ladies... All feedback appreciated!!

John Finch
20/8/2013 09:21:57 pm

This is such an important and valuable feature of the OF classes. Graham and Mark has sorted out an excellent programme taking into account my small hamstring injury and helping me recover from it. Loved the new exercise experience, more weights, less running.

30/8/2013 01:21:01 am

Gonnae join in with the fitness and fun this Saturday. OF is the best way to bust a gut, and bad moods!

15/9/2013 03:49:31 pm

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18/10/2013 08:33:51 pm

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