.....and not your 2 weeks is Marbella holidays either!  As many of you my have seen, Graham has posted details of the OF Xmas extravaganza which will be at Clydesdale Cricket Club, Shawlands on Saturday 14th December 2013.   Payment details will follow but it is cheaper than your average Christmas rip off and excellent bar prices too....we OF'ers know what is important!  Now I know many of you are only just getting over your sunburn and squeezing out the last use of your short sleeved training gear.  However, anyone who usually goes to this night will know that the main event is the presentation of the Grahammy Awards to the deserving.  I have spent the night downloading some new software and trying to make it work properly....all so we can embarrass and humiliate those who deserve it....and many who have done nothing wrong other than to turn up at class!  This night is always my favourite Christmas night of the year.  The presentation takes a lot of work but it is always appreciated and hopefully we all get a good chance to laugh at each other and ourselves.
So this is a plea.....I am looking for photos, stories, gossip (real or otherwise) and anything you think we could use....it is also a shout out to get this date in your diary.  What night would you rather have?  £60 for cold food and a night the same as every Christmas night you have had since you started working.....OR some takeaway food, cheap beerios and the chance to wind up that OF'er who always edges you in the running because you know he always cheats on the exercises.....you know the answer already!!  See you there! :-)

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