Well, only the hardest of hearts could not fail to be inspired by the runners on Sunday!  Hats off to every single one of you!  I know that there are some amazing stories and more than a couple of PBs in there....please tell us about them!
In the meantime I salute those braver than myself: those who have braved the hangover on a Sunday morning for the 'long run'; or even worse, those who drove to a big night out and drank water while everyone else melted in front of them.  Having been a failed runner forever (why oh why oh why do they do it?? :-))  I have full appreciation for the physical and more importantly the mental commitment required to run an event where there is no pressure apart from the worst kind....the pressure you apply to yourself!  From all the tweeting and the facebooking going on I think we can see who is getting all the credit...the fabulous Outside Fitness training team of Mark and Graham!  Where would we be without them?  Whether it is a GSR PB or a Saturday morning stretch session, Sunday has proved that OF makes winners of us all!

14/10/2013 07:59:18 pm

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