....it is indeed Christmas...well...almost!  You can see the signs everywhere!  The shop windows have that twinkly look, the shopping centres have put Santa in charge...and nationwide, parents have that glassy eyed look of the terrified....it was Halloween only a week ago!
Anyway....good news:  although Christmas can be a demanding and expensive time for all....there is one night that never disappoints and THAT is the OF Christmas Night Out!  It is always a total classic and without a doubt the best night of the festive period every single year!  

Why, I hear you ask?  Well, for a kick off it is in a Cricket Club which means reasonably priced drinks....also we buy in a top class Indian takeaway which is of the highest quality!  Why would you pay £60+ for some dried up turkey when you can get a great carry out for a fraction of the price!  AND this very night, I have been working away at the internationally renowned (probably) Grahammy Awards 2014.  Honestly, once I have figured out how to use my new computer it is going to be A-MAZING (probably)!!  
So the details.....

Clydesdale Cricket Club
22 Beaton Road
G41 4LB

Saturday 14th December 2013
From 7.00pm-ish

£20......yes £20...Whiiiiiit?  

Please pay Graham prior to the event....we cannot accept money on the night.  We make all our outlays beforehand and really need the money before the actual night!

I cannot stress what a great night this is...come along and support OF and have a brilliant pre-festive celebration ...AND you might win an award! :-)

7/11/2013 05:26:06 pm

I can undoubtedly confirm this is always an absolutely top night of the year - a great chance to see people with their clothes on, as we sometimes say. I am devastated that I cannot be with you all. I am presenting a workshop in Hamburg, the path to Professorship cannot be altered (yeah right, more snowflakes more like - some of you will know what I mean). Have an absolute belter of a night!
Jules x

7/11/2013 11:25:11 pm

Wont be the same without you Jules but we will all party on your behalf! Good luck on the workshop Wonder Woman :-)x


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