As some of you may know it is along held OF tradition to get the old Newsletter to as many exotic places as possible. We have had photos from OFers all over the world including Tokyo, Dubai, New York and even Arran....is there nowhere we cannae go?
Many thanks to Mark and Lucy who took time out of their romantic trip to Venice to get this photograph taken.  I am wondering whether Mark was taking this photo or whether there was a long and complicated explanation to someone who had no idea what they were talking about.  I can hear it now...."OK we do this exercise class...in the parks of Glasgow....and yes, this is the Dr Love tribute editon....and yes, she is a real Doctor...no, not of love...if you could just take the photo grazie!"
So thanks folks...and for anyone else going on holiday while we have mourned the passing of the old Newsletter, we would love to see pictures of your holidays...we can print off a copy of the NL for you to take with you (Dr Love tribute copy on special request only :-)) or even wear one of Graham's bibs....but dont forget to bring it back!
A few of us are heading off this weekend for a week of drinking..ahem......I mean cycling our way around Lake Constance....and we will of course remember our OF pledge to get suitably embarrassing photos...but it would be great to see some new faces in the photos and we at OFHQ love a good holiday story!  So until next time....Bon Voyage!

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